Collins Living Learning Center | Turks in Germany
L310 | 25207 | Filiz Cicek

In this class we will explore German-Turkish immigrant films, which deal with
issues of race, gender, and nationalism among both the Turks and Germans
in Germany.  We will begin with Guney and Fassbinder whose works continue
to influence filmmakers in/of Diaspora, because of their brilliance at showing
everyday fascism, as well as the random acts of love and kindness among
everyday people in Turkey and in Germany. We will then focus on the issues
of memory, home, homosexuality, assimilation, integration and
marginalization in films by Tevfik Baser, Fatih Akin and Kutlug Ataman among
others. We will see to what degree these hybrid films give voice, or not, to
“mute” immigrants and help them become part of mainstream German