Communication and Culture | Business and Professional Communication
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Our lives are shaped in ways seen and unseen by organizational and
institutional forces.  This course examines some of the vectors
along which those forces are communicated.  Some of the primary
questions addressed include: What is the relationship between
individuals and institutions/organizations?  How are our behaviors
and attitudes influenced by these structures?  How are we addressed
by organizational structures and how do we in turn address them?

Through a series of readings and exercises students will both
critically examine and enact four primary vectors of communication:
I) Institutional and organizational structures speaking through us;
II) Institutional and organizational structures speaking to us; III)
Individuals and constituencies speaking through institutional and
organizational structures and; IV) Individuals and constituencies
speaking to institutional and organizational structures.

The structures in question are various, but for the purposes of this
course will include a) school and work (speaking through us); b)
marketing and advertising (speaking to us); c) civil and public
interest (through which we speak); and d) the world of corporations
(to which we speak).

The primary graded assignments will be: 1) Journal of school life,
tracking points of conflict between desire and expectation
culminating in an analytic paper 2) an analysis of and presentation
on the anatomy of a brand identity; 3) field observation and
analysis of a working board (e.g. city council; student council;
board of directors for local non-profit/social service agency etc.):
and 4) design and presentation of a public interest intervention .