Communication and Culture | Ways of Speaking
C229 | 28087 | Williams, K.

TR, 2:30 PM-3:45 PM, 800 E. 3rd St. – room 203

Fulfills College S&H Requirement

Instructor: Katie Williams
Office: 800 E. 3rd St. – room 275
Phone: 856-5562

In this course, we will examine some of the various kinds of
communication that contribute to the discursive environment in which
we grow up—an environment that shapes our notion of “reality” and
our conceptions of ourselves and others. Our ideas about
what’s “normal”—and what’s not—arise from myriad “ways of speaking,”
including those we encounter in popular entertainment, political
speech, advertising, fashion, and our own everyday speech. In this
course, we will examine how such texts work to fashion our
understandings of the world, ourselves, and each other, as well as
some of the ways in which these same communicative resources are
used to negotiate and challenge the boundaries that contain it—and