Communication and Culture | Current Topics in Communication and Culture (Topic: Latinos and the Media)
C334 | 6236 | Rivero, Y.

MW, 4:00 PM-5:15 PM, TE F256

Note: CMCL-C 334 can be taken twice for credit when the topic

Instructor: Yeidy Rivero
Office: 800 E. 3rd St. – room 229
Phone: 856-3153

Course Description: This course examines U.S. media (particularly
film and television) constructions of “Hispanics” and Latinos/as’
counter-hegemonic responses to mainstream representations.
Throughout the semester we will explore the complex relationship
between mainstream media portrayals of Hispanics and Latin American
and Spanish Caribbean communities in the U.S.  Thus, a key element
in our discussions will be the ethnic “transformations” of Hispanic
representations in Hollywood media products in relation to migration
and population growth.  We will also pay special attention to the
English language end Spanish language media homogenization of
Latino/a experiences and the ways in which specific Latino
communities (i.e., Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban
Americans, Colombian Americans, etc.) have created cultural
artifacts (such as films, television shows, theatre, and music) to
represent the multiple and diverse identities and cultural elements
that are part of U.S. Latino groups.

Course Objectives:
*Consider/evaluate the differences and also the connections between
Latino communities and Latin American/Spanish Caribbean nations and

*Examine mainstream media representations and their re-articulation
of U.S. racial discourses in particular historical periods.

*Recognize the differences between various Latinos groups and the
ways in which these identities permeate media products.

Course Requirements:
1) Exams (50%):  There will be two scheduled exams in this course.
The exams, in the form of short answer and essay questions, will be
based on class lectures and articles.
2) Paper (30%):  One short written assignment (5-6 pages).
3) Participation (20%):  Students are expected to actively
participate in class.  As part of the class participation, students
will turn in a one-page summary of selected assigned articles.

Course Readings:
The course readings include articles/book chapters from authors in
the areas of media studies (Brent Zook; López; Noriega; Ramírez-
Berg; Rodríguez; Shohat and Stam; and Valdivia), anthropology
(Dávila; Duany; and Limón); comparative literature (Negrón-
Muntaner), and history and sociology (Gutierrez; Mirabal; Oboler;
and Omi and Winant).