Communication and Culture | Advanced Motion Picture Production
C460 | 14277 | Schwibs, S.

TR, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM, 800 E. 3rd St. – room 102

Prerequisite: CMCL-C 360 and C361, or C335; permission of instructor
Must have at least junior standing
Requires special fee
Meets with CMCL-C 660

**To be authorized, please submit a written proposal to Susanne
Schwibs (see below for contact information)**

Instructor: Susanne Schwibs
Office: 800 E. 3rd St. – room 283
Phone: 855-8328

This course will allow students to focus on one project from script
to screen. Students will be admitted to class based on a proposal
that outlines their project. The nature of the course will be that
of a seminar.  Class meetings will be devoted primarily to
discussing each student’s project and the aesthetic and technical
issues involved. There will be workshops and readings about a
variety of concerns important to filmmakers: creative and aesthetic
questions, production techniques, and administrative issues such as
copyright and distribution. Some of these workshops may be given by
guest speakers/guest filmmakers. Each student will assist in the
production of at least one other project by a fellow student.

A lab fee will be assessed to support the production equipment and
other materials provided by the department.

Readings will be determined largely by the nature of the projects
proposed and will include selections from the following books:

Jed Dannenbaum, Carroll Hodge, Doe Meyer, Creative Filmmaking from
the Inside Out: Five Keys to the Art of Making Inspired Movies and
Television, Fireside, 2003 (ISBN: 0743223195)

Denny Martin Flinn, How Not to Write a Screenplay: 101 Common
Mistakes Most Screenwriters Make, Lone Eagle Publishing Company,
1999, (ISBN: 1580650155)

Laurent Tirard, Moviemakers' Master Class: Private Lessons from the
World's Foremost Directors, Faber & Faber, 2002 (ISBN: 057121102X)

Ilisa Barbash, Lucien Taylor, Cross-Cultural Filmmaking: A Handbook
for Making Documentary and Ethnographic Films and Videos, University
of California Press, 1997, (ISBN: 0520087607)

Alan Rosenthal and John Corner, New Challenges for Documentary,
Manchester University Press, 2nd edition, 2005

Walter Murch, In the Blink of an Eye, Silman-James Press: 2nd Rev
edition, 2001 (ISBN: 1879505622)

Gabriella Oldham, First Cut: Conversations With Film Editors,
University of California Press, 1995 (ISBN: 0520075889)