Comparative Literature | Freshman Seminar: Love and Literature
C100 | 25605 | AI: Ioana Patuleanu

CMLT C100 (25605) Freshman Seminar: Love and Literature
Instructor: Patuleanu TR 9:30-10:45
Fulfills A&H requirement

This course will examine some of the major texts which have taught us
how to identify and name our feelings of love, from erotic attraction
(Ovidís Art of Love, for instance) to spiritual and religious love
(from Plato to the Bible and early Christian fathers, such as
Augustine).  We are going to look at the ways in which novels, poems,
and the visual arts use such models -- adapt them, portray them at
odds with each other, or attempt to reconcile them -- in order to
teach, admonish, entertain, and even seduce the reader. The selection
of texts will mark the transition from pagan antiquity to
Christianity, and from the early modern to our modern and apparently
secular world.

Course requirements: two exams, two essays, very short writing
assignments and regular attendance and participation.