Comparative Literature | Comp Lit Analysis: Transforming Loss
C205 | 14268 | Prof. Tsai

CMLT-C205 (14268) Comp Lit Analysis: Transforming Loss
Prof. Tsai  MW 9:30-10:45
*Fulfills Culture Studies and A&H requirements*

Explores various modes of literary analysis through texts on the
theme of loss from a wide range of genres and national traditions
(e.g., poetry, drama, fiction, film, and biography in English,
classical, Chinese, and Japanese literatures). Will emphasize
especially close reading in conjunction with formal, gender, and
cross-cultural issues. Goals include refining critical skills and
gaining familiarity with the practice and production of book and film
reviews. Includes authors/text such as Marie Howe, W. H. Auden,
Sylvia Plath, Ovid, The English Patient, Wong Kar-wai’s 2046,
Mishima’s Thirst for Love, Sappho, and The Peach Blossom Fan.