Comparative Literature | Romance and the Western Tradition
C219 | 11827 | AI: K. Reed

CMLT-C219 (11827) Romance and the Western Tradition
Instructor: K. Reed    TR 1:00-2:15
*fulfills A&H requirements*

This class will examine one of history's most enduring modes of
literature: the romance. Our readings will begin with classical texts
and we will follow the romance through its development in the West.
After coming to an understanding of what "Romance" means as a Western
genre, we will trace similar literary forms in Asian, Middle Eastern,
and African literatures, questioning the nature of the genre as a
whole, and coming to an understanding of how similar motifs and
stylistic traits unite literatures from a variety of cultural
traditions. While we will explore romance as a genre of "love," our
approach will expand far beyond this limited conceptualization of the
romance as a literary work.   We will trace the romance not solely
through its literary forms, but also through painting, music and
film.  Students will learn to identify the various characteristics of
the genre, and will learn to critique many diverse texts within this
framework. Course work will include two papers, four short writing
assignments and a final.