Comparative Literature | Modern Literature and Other Arts
C255 | 6264 | AI: R. Disrud

C255 (6264) Modern Literature and Other Arts
Instructor: Rebecca Disrud   TR 2:30-3:45   WI C109
*fulfills Culture Studies and A&H requirements*

This course investigates works from the nineteenth and twentieth
centuries in an interarts context.  We will be focusing specifically
on works of literature that arise from a relationship with visual art
or music, and on literature that finds new life as an adaptation in a
different art form.  Throughout the semester, we’ll explore how these
works fit into major modern artistic movements.
We’ll begin with poetry and visual art by looking at William Blake’s
poems and corresponding illuminations and reading the poetry of
Charles Baudelaire in the context of his ideas about painting.  We’ll
also study the influential relationships between Rainer Maria Rilke
and sculptor August Rodin, and Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch.  We’ll
then move into the realm of music and literature by studying the
development of the art song from its Romantic beginnings into the
twentieth century.  Finally, we’ll spend time exploring literature’s
relationship with drama and film, first with Anton Chekhov on the
stage, and then by looking at how some modernist texts have invited
postmodern responses in film, including Virginia Woolf’s Mrs.
Dalloway’s inspiration of The Hours and a chapter from James Joyce’s
Ulysses and the Coen brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou?.
Attendance will be required for the IU Department of Theatre and
Drama’s production of Anton Checkov’s The Seagull and possibly for
other cultural events on and around campus.