Comparative Literature | The Twentieth Century: Tradition and Change
C337 | 25614 | Prof. Marks

CMLT-C337 (25614) The Twentieth Century:Tradition and Change
Prof. Herbert Marks
TR 4:00-5:15
*Fulfills A&H and Culture Studies requirement*

	After an introductory section devoted to Freud’s
Interpretation of Dreams and selections from Joyce’s Finnegans Wake,
we shall be concentrating in the first part of the course on major
works by Proust, Woolf, Musil, and Kafka, focusing on the modern
culture of inwardness and on questions of language and the
unconscious. In the second part of the course, we shall bring these
concerns to bear more narrowly on  literary responses to World War
II. The critical writings of Maurice Blanchot and Hannah Arendt will
provide a perspective from which to consider fictional reflections of
the war and its aftermath by Céline (Castle to Castle) and G.W.
Sebald (Austerlitz), both of whom explore in different ways memory,
loss, and the limits of literary expression.

Written work: two short papers and a take-home final.