Cognitive Science | Senior Seminar in Cognitive and Information Sciences
Q400 | 6286 | P. Todd

Q400 ,  6286,  Peter Todd

4:00PM-5:25PM,  W ,  PY 228

Prerequisites:  4 courses from among Q240, Q250, Q270, Q301, Q320

(Intended for junior and senior cognitive science majors)

This seminar will cover some current topics in cognitive science
through student presentations and class discussions.  The seminar
has three major aims: 1) to foster an interdisciplinary discussion
of cutting edge topics in cognitive science, 2) to increase
students' ability to plan and evaluate research projects, and 3) to
enhance student skills in presenting research to peers.  Using
recent research articles as a starting point, each student will
select a cutting edge topic in the cognitive sciences and give an
oral presentation to the class reviewing the state of the current
research.  Individually or in small groups, students will then
develop a written project proposal or report that extends the
reviewed research, and present it orally.  Students will also submit
short written evaluations of each other's presentations.
Feedback received in this way from peers, and also from the
instructor, will be used to revise final written project reports.