Cognitive Science | Seminar in Cognitive Science Topic: Behavior-based Robotics
Q700 | 24965 | M. Scheutz

Cognitive Science ,  Seminar in Cognitive Science
Q700 ,  24965 ,  M. Scheutz
Q700, 4:00pm 6:30PM, W    Rm EG 821

Topic:  Behavior-based Robotics

COGS 700 "Behavior-Based Robotics" (3 cr)
This course is designed to investigate and study methods and models
in embodied cognitive science, with particular focus on behavior-
based techniques on robots.  All models and architectures will be
theoretically scrutinized and evaluated with respect to their
conceptual clarity, support by empirical data, plausibility, etc.
without neglecting issues of practicality such as feasibility of
implementation, real-time/real-world issues, computational
resources, etc. These practical considerations will turn out to be
particularly important for model implementations on robots.