East Asian Languages and Cultures | Literary Chinese II (undergraduate)
C307 | 15164 | Boyd, D.

3 credits
Undergraduate students only

2+ years of modern Chinese, equivalent competency in another East
Asian language using Chinese characters (such as Japanese, Korean,
or Vietnamese), successful completion of Literary Chinese I (C
306/506), or instructor permission is required.

For over two thousand years Classical or Literary Chinese (wenyan
wen) has been the primary medium for transmitting Chinese culture,
history, thought, and religion.  From poems to prosody, from
philosophy to revelation, Literary Chinese has left an indelible
imprint on East Asia.  Far from simply transmitting the written
word, Literary Chinese has adorned art, artifact, and architecture
alike.  The objective of this course is to develop the student's
facility in reading and translating Literary Chinese  giving the
student access to the unparalleled textual tradition of both pre-
modern and contemporary China and East Asia.  Readings will be taken
from literary texts of various genres and periods.  Students will
learn the basic syntactic structures of the language and the
functions of common particles.  The course will stress vocabulary
retention, understanding of grammar, and accurate translation into