East Asian Languages and Cultures | China: The Enduring Heritage
E232 | 14927 | Eno, R.

3 credits
no prerequistite
This class carries Culture Studies Credit
The class carries COLL A&H Distribution Credit

This is an introductory level course intending to give students a
general review of the history, culture, thought and literature of
China from the beginning to the 20th century.

All materials and lectures will be in English, and there is no
prerequisite.  Reading materials are divided into two categories:
one is secondary reading outlining characteristics of Chinese
culture, society, politics and economy at a particular historical
period, important historical figures and events, and intellectual
thought.  The second category is translation of original documents
from Chinese history, including short pieces from history books,
poetry, stories, and prose, which intend to give students a good
chance to be in close contact with the Chinese cultural tradition
through textual engagement.

Course requirements include active class participation, composition,
and a group research project.