East Asian Languages and Cultures | Topics is East Asian Studies: US-East Asian Relations (graduate)
E505 | 15166 | Kennedy, S.

Graduate Student Section
3 credits

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the love-hate
relationship that the United States and East Asia have had over the
past 50 years and are likely to have in the future. The US found
itself at war in East Asia several times during the twentieth
century and still has almost 100,000 soldiers stationed in the
region. Apart from Cuba, the world's only surviving Communist states
are in East Asia. The level of the US's trade with its Pacific
partners now far surpasses that with its Atlantic partners; while
generally beneficial, the fruits of these economic links have not
been distributed evenly. And while East Asia has enriched the US's
culture, many East Asians resent America's attempt to force its
values on them. We will examine the influence of identity and
culture, economics, security interests, power, and formal
institutions on both the US's bilateral relations with some key
countries (Japan, China and Korea) and its relations with the region
generally. We will hear from both American and East Asian voices in
order to see where views are similar and where they conflict.
Requirements include 75-100 pages of weekly reading, 3 short papers,
and a strong desire to engage in discussion and debate.

This class meets with E386. Graduate students will be expected to
complete all of the readings assigned for undergraduates and in
addition: meet 4 times separately as a group, read additional
materials, and write 2 short essays and a research paper.