East Asian Languages and Cultures | Readings in Traditional Japanese Lit: The Tale of Genji
J521 | 28114 | Sarra, E.

3 credits

This course will explore The Tale of Genji from a number of critical
perspectives, including issues of narrative voice, characterization,
modes of irony and parody, use of dialogue, the role of poetry in
narrative development.  Because Genji is quite long, course readings
will be organized around specific shorter excerpts that address
these issues.  Parallel readings of the entire work in English
translation, and readings in the critical literature on Genji will
accompany our exploration of the original text.  Prerequisite: at
least one semester of Classical Japanese (J461 or J506 or permission
of the instructor).  Students will be evaluated on the basis of
participation in class discussion; two short oral reports on
secondary readings; and an end-of-term paper (15-20 p), based on a
topic developed in consultation with the instructor.