English | Recent Writing
L381 | 14380 | Catherine Bowman

Catherine Bowman

2:30p-3:45p TR (30 students) 3 cr., A&H.

TOPIC:  “Contemporary American Poetry”
We will read, explore, and immerse ourselves in the terrain of
contemporary poetry with an emphasis on sound, performance, and the
musics of the line.  We will respond to the poems each week through
various writing exercises such as imitations, diaries, poetry
comics, letter writing, Oulipo, sound performances, dream-writing,
rhetorical experiments, impressionistic essays, treatments, plays,
digital portraits, and etymological treasure hunts. We will
experiment with various traditional and non-traditional poetic forms
as a way to converse and engage with the poems we read for the
class.  Throughout the semester we will look at American modern and
post-modernist poetry and poetics as a way to think about the work
of contemporary writers.  We will also read some critical essays on
sound, listening, recording and the voice.  Each week a response
paper will be required along with a series of creative experiments,
imitations, and exercises based on the readings. No experience
writing poetry required—the course is open to the beginner and the
advanced. We will most likely read eight collections of contemporary
poetry and several essays on poetry most often by poets. We will
also listen to many sound and audio recordings.