English | Contexts for the Study of Writing
L502 | 25266 | Farris

L502/W602  25266/28102 FARRIS
Contexts for the Study of Writing
Contemporary Theories in Rhetoric & Composition

4:00p – 5:15p TR


This course will be historical and speculative as well as practical.
We will examine the role of rhetoric and composition in the
formation of the university and the rhetoric-poetic relationship in
terms of literature and writing instruction within the larger
context of the history of the profession of English studies.  Then
we will investigate disciplinary identity issues within the field of
English and composition studies, including the extent to which
claims that discourse is community-situated conflict with
requirements and practices that still presume writing is a
transferable set of skills and moves foundational to learning in
college. Finally, we will consider what it would take, not just
theoretically, but pedagogically and institutionally, to un-do the
division between literature and composition in ways that do not
reinforce the dominance of one over the other, including various
arguments and practical strategies for teaching literature, writing,
and culture together.

Texts will likely include Scholes’ The Rise and Fall of English,
Graff’s Clueless in Academe, Shumway and Dionne’s Disciplining
English, Berlin’s Rhetorics, Poetics and Cultures, Crowley’s
Composition in the University, and Smit’s The End of Composition
Studies, Bloom, Daiker, and White’s Composition Studies in the New
Millenium, and Anderson and Farris’s Integrating Literature and
Writing Instruction, plus other photocopied or e-reserved articles.

Assignments will include bi-weekly written responses and a final

This course may be taken as either L502 or W602. It fulfills
requirements for the departmental Pedagogy Minor, the Composition,
Literacy and Culture concentration, and the interdepartmental
Literacy Minor.