English | History of Literary Criticism to Enlightenment
L607 | 25267 | Anderson, J

L607  25267 J ANDERSON (#6)
History of Literary Criticism to Enlightenment

2:30p  3:45p TR

This course will engage the history of literary theory from Plato
and Aristotle to the Enlightenment, often making connections with
representative modern theories and thus with history in the broader
While the course will treat landmarks of theory focally, its aim is
less to be comprehensive than to explore important threads of
theoretical inquiry.  I expect them to include idealism, realism,
rhetoric, signification, imagination, and affection (of which
imagination is one expression and emotion and passion two others).
This course is meant to offer fundamental background both for
periods before 1800 and periods after 1800.  I hope to keep readings
manageable and broadly accessible.
Work for the course will feature a presentation, a relatively short
exploratory essay, and an essay of conference length (ca. 9-10

To date (mid-September!), I've not settled on all the texts, but
late in the fall I will have the list and would be happy to share it
with you.