English | American Literature & Culture 1900-1945
L655 | 27024 | Herring

L655  27024  HERRING (#5)
American Literature & Culture 1900-1945

1:00p– 2:15p TR


This course functions as an intensive immersion into the major
creeds, conflicts, and concerns of the new modernist studies as the
field overlaps with U.S.-based sexuality/gender studies.  It
reintroduces students to stalwarts such as Hemingway, Faulkner,
Stein, and Cather as well as writers who, for too many decades, fell
off or under or somewhere alongside the critical radar—Bruce Nugent,
Randolph Bourne, Tillie Olson, and Edna St. Vincent Millay, among
many others.  To do so, the course evolves through several
epistemological, historical, and conceptual lightning rods: Proto-
modernities; Heterosex and Masculinity; Highbrow Anglo-philia;
Sapphism, Newer Women, and Sexology; Anti-modernism; Regional
Sexualities; Queer Transnationalism; New Negro Unmanning and
Gendering; and Proletariat Desire. We’ll pair these topics with
weekly keywords from old-ish modernist studies to see how the field
has regenerated itself since the heydays of The Pound Era:
metropolitanism, difficulty, impersonality, deracination, snobbery,
and novelty, to name a few.  Readings are very heavy and consist of
a major primary text as well as two and sometimes three secondary
readings each week.  For compensation, writing assignments are
minimal and consist of a conference abstract, an annotated
bibliography, and two five-page responses.   If you do register for
this course, please email me for a link to readings for our first
week of class.

PRIMARY readings will include “The Beast in the Jungle”, The
Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man, In Our Time, Nightwood, Cathay,
My Ántonia, Yonnondio: From the Thirties, Three Lives, “Smoke,
Lilies, and Jade”, “Transnational America”, As I Lay Dying,
Quicksand, A Few Figs from Thistles

SUPPLEMENTARY readings by Martha Umphrey, Lisa Duggan, Diana Fuss,
Janet Lyon, Susan Stanford Friedman, Siobhan B. Somerville, Henry
Louis Gates, Jr., Hazel Carby, Gail Bederman, George Chauncey, Nayan
Shah, Elizabeth Povinelli, Catherine Cocks, Shari Benstock, Michael
Trask, Heather Love, Marianne DeKoven, Nina Miller, Eve Kosofsky
Sedgwick, Dana Seitler, Amie Elizabeth Parry, José Esteban Muñoz,
Jeremy Braddock, Michael Cobb, Jani Scandura, Mary Esteve, Matt Wray