English | Community Service Writing
W240 | 25253 | Tarez Graban

Tarez Graban

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of the English Composition requirement.

10:10a-11:00a MWF (25 students) 3 cr.

This course will integrate service learning with visual ethnography
to give students a unique research and writing experience. Students
volunteer and observe at a community service agency that becomes the
site for an individual inquiry project, which they will complete in
stages and which will culminate in a digital portfolio. Students
also work collaboratively on producing a public document (or series
of documents) that will help the agency to further their work.
Coursework will consist mainly of an individual portfolio comprising
a series of related written projects, the collaborative public
document project, and readings that help us reflect on different
themes and representations of “Leadership and Civic Discourse.”