English | Writing Poetry
W303 | 7442 | Debra Kang Dean

Debra Kang Dean

PREREQUISITE:  Requires permission of the instructor.

1:00p-2:15p TR (15 students) 3 cr.
In this workshop-format class, we’ll write ten poems that take as a
starting point a poem in our texts; at the end of the semester,
you’ll submit revisions of five of these for your final portfolio.
The assignments will be a mix of formal and subject-based exercises,
which both students and teacher will provide. In addition to writing
poems and offering both written and oral comments on poems that are
discussed during a workshop week, throughout the term you’ll write
responses to poems from your texts and provide in-depth critical
responses to one other student’s poems.
To apply to this class, place five poems, your e- mail address, and
a list of creative writing classes you’ve taken (and names of
instructors) into Cathy Bowman’s or Debra Kang Dean’s mailbox in BH
442 at least one week before your registration day. Submit your
manuscript as soon as possible, as places will be filled as people
apply – if you have a late registration date, apply at the beginning
of the period to reserve a space. No places will be saved for late
registration. Those admitted to the class will be informed by email.
After you have been approved, the Creative Writing Secretary in BH
442 will issue you an on-line authorization.
Texts:  Frances Mayes, "The Discovery of Poetry"
Three required collections of contemporary poetry.