English | The Craft of Fiction
W381 | 14365 | Timothy Westmoreland

Timothy Westmoreland

PREREQUISITE:  W203, W301 or permission of the Director of Creative
Writing.  Requires permission of the instructor.

4:00p-5:15p MW (30 students) 3cr.

W381 emphasizes the study of the techniques used in the writing of
fiction, including narrative point of view, narrative distance,
plot, characterization, setting, and tone, as well as the structural
elements of forms such as realism, magic realism, and metafiction.
Students will write both critical responses to the course readings
as well as a series of creative exercises illustrating their ability
to use the specific narrative techniques studied.  The course is
designed for students interested in creative writing.

Probable texts will include a mix of critical works (Aspects of the
Novel, by E. M. Forster; The Rhetoric of Fiction, by Wayne C. Booth;
and others), as well as a selection of fiction (Ice At the Bottom of
the World, by Mark Richard, Baron in the Trees, by Italo Calvino;
and others).