English | Advanced Poetry Writing
W403 | 7447 | Ross Gay

Ross Gay

PREREQUISITE:  W303.  Permission of instructor.

11:15a-12:30p TR (15 students) 3 cr.

In this class we will consider the variety of ways good poems get
made.  To that end, we will read a good deal of poetry.  In addition
to this, though, we will study other arts that, to me, are related:
comedy, fiction, essays, music, etc.  So although this class is a
workshop, be prepared to engage a lot of material outside of the

In addition to class discussion, students will be required to give
at least one presentation, write two short (5 pg) essays, and meet
weekly with a classmate outside of class to discuss a book of their

Among the books we will be reading are Patrick Rosalís My American
Kundiman, Aracelis Girmayís Teeth, and Steve Scafidiís For Love of
Common Words.