Folklore | Australian Folklore
F320 | 25515 | S. Dolby

Above class College Intensive Writing credit section.

This course will introduce students to some of the folklore of
Australia, both that of the native Aboriginal peoples and that of
the settler population. The format of the course will be a
combination of lecture and discussion, and grades will be based on
class participation and a substantial number of written assignments.
More specifically, short weekly writing exercises will involve some
or all of the following: 1) writing a reading report based on a
combination of printed and online sources; 2) responding in a brief
essay to materials included in selected folklore collections; 3)
writing a short comparative essay examining Australia’s legendary
character Ned Kelly with any legendary figure in American culture;
4) formulating a concise research question on Aboriginal culture and
writing a short paper in response; 5) writing a short essay on the
formal and esthetic properties of a given example of either folksong
or children’s folklore – both of which have been collected in
abundance in Australia; 6) writing an essay identifying features of
the cultural frame of reference in a folklore-rich film such as
Walkabout or The Last Wave; 7) doing a short ethnographic interview
here in the USA, asking the interviewee to say what he or she knows
about people and folklore from Australia; and finally, 8) a short
description and full analysis of a selected example of folklore –
such as, a pattern of folk speech, a folk craft, an aboriginal myth,
or a folksong.  One weekly writing assignment will be revised and
expanded into a full essay as a final paper.

Books ordered for the course include: A Guide to Australian
Folklore; Aboriginal Myths and Legends; and The Outlaw Legend. We
will also view a number of Australian films.

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities, CSA