Folklore | Folklore of Student Life
F351 | 32071 | J. McDowell

We will acquire folklore data from two sources – the Folklore
Archives (old stuff) and cyberspace (new stuff) -- then process it
and upload it onto an existing website on the topic of student
folklore at IU. Our goal is to juxtapose the old and the new in
student folklore, drawing on collections made in previous decades
and making a new collection of cyber-folklore.

As we begin discussing in class the defining features of folklore,
students will help identify the categories of old lore they wish to
investigate. Student teams will take charge of the selected forms or
genres of folklore, gathering data from the Folklore Archive
collections for preparation and uploading onto the website. Then, we
will turn to internet communication, a frontier of folklore
research, and assess the kinds of folk communities to be found there
and the kinds of folklore they generate. Once we have our bearings,
we will sample this lore and convey these samples to the existing
website on students’ folklore.

The student teams will be evaluated for their performance and each
student will be evaluated for the quality of his/her work and for
contributions to the student teams. Class presentations will further
the cause by giving teams the opportunity to share with the group
and receive valuable feedback. Class time will be devoted to
lectures and discussions on relevant topics as well as work sessions
for the student teams. Readings will address basic concepts and
procedures of folkloristic study, the topics of student life and
student folklore, and the internet as a cultural phenomenon..