Folklore | Black Music in America
F694 | 27990 | P. Maultsby

Above class meets at 501 N. Park.

Above class meets with AAAD-A594 and AMST-G751.

Fulfills: Area

This course, organized topically, will present a chronological
overview of the primary genres of African American music, from
slavery to the present. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the
separate identities of the individual genres, while at the same time
examining those processes by which they are interrelated and are
cultural objects for appropriation. Topics explored will include
genre classification, musical features and the aesthetics of style;
oral vs. written traditions; early collectors of African American
music; musical transformation and representation, and inter- and
intra-cultural interactions. Central themes to be addressed are
issues of race, class, identity, authenticity, gender, and multiple
levels of meaning.