Folklore | History of Ideas in Ethnomusicology
F740 | 25665 | D. Reed

Above class meets at 501 N. Park.

Fulfills: Theory

What have ethnomusicologists studied, how have they studied it, and
why?  This course examines over a century of the intellectual
history of the field, including social, political and ideological
forces influencing its development.  Students will become familiar
with ethnomusicology’s scope and aims, key issues and points of
debate, practitioners, and resources throughout the field’s history,
and gain a sense of the diversity in ethnomusicological research. An
assumption of the course is that we, as contemporary
ethnomusicologists, can better shape our discipline through an
understanding of central issues of its debates, past and present.
Individual research projects may address broad concerns in
disciplinary history or focus on particular histories in terms of
time, place, or scholar.  Requirements: class preparation and
participation, short written assignments, and a final research paper.