Germanic Languages | Deutsch: Mittelstufe I
G300 | 7893-7894 | Nikole Langjahr

Prerequisite: G250 with a minimum grade of C-.
This course is designed to prepare students for subsequent 300-level
work in German language, literature, and culture, and a variety of
texts from these areas will be read. In their oral and written
responses to the readings, it is expected that students will
demonstrate a growing awareness of–and sensitivity to–German culture
and express their ideas in a manner consistent with advanced language
work. Each student should own a good German-English / English-German
dictionary as well as a standard reference grammar.


Bahlmann/Breindl/Draxler/Ende/Storch, Unterwegs: Kursbuch, ISBN

Bahlmann/Breindl/Draxler/Ende/Storch, Unterwegs: Materialienbuch,
ISBN 346847640X	

Kafka, Franz: Die Verwandlung, ISBN 3150099005, Sept. 2005, Reclam