Germanic Languages | Deutsch: Oberstufe
G400 | 7902 | Staff

Section numbers: 7902 and 15251

This course is an advanced language course whose goal is to improve
your reading and writing skills, enhance your mastery of grammatical
and idiomatic structures, and at the same time introduce you to German
literature and culture. We will study short texts, films, and
paintings in chronological order, observe changes in style and ideas
in order to gain an overview as well as deeper insights into German
culture while improving our language skills along the way. The course
is thus the ideal preparation for more advanced levels of learning in
the field of German. It hopes to instill you with enthusiasm for a
language that has immense expressive power.

At the end of the course, you should be able to read German literary
texts fluently and express critical views and ideas eloquently in oral
and written German. We will review Grammar and introduce basic tools
for the analysis of texts while exploring the cultural landscape of
German-speaking countries.

Required Texts:
Peter Heller & Edith Ehrlich, Dichter, Denker und Erzähler: A German
Hilke Dreyer & Richard Schmitt, Lehr- und Übungsbuch der deutschen
Grammatik (Neubearbeitung 2000)