Germanic Languages | German Film and Popular Culture
G418 | 7903 | Robinson

Topic: What Makes Movies Tick?

Course Description:
Starting with canonical films by directors such as Murnau, Pabst and
Riefenstahl from the Weimar period, we examine highpoints of the
modern German cinema up to the present, comparing and contrasting the
classics with later film innovations in order to understand what makes
up a film experience and how we appreciate and judge cinema. Our focus
will be on film theory and film interpretation, supplemented by a
consideration of the relationship of German film culture to central
issues in German historical self-understandings. Students will become
familiar with the German film canon, will be introduced to a variety
film theories, and will explore topics in the cultural study of major
issues in contemporary German society.

Required texts:

Thomas Elsaesser and Malte Hagener, Filmtheorie zur Einführung (Zur
Einführung). Junius Verlag, Oct. 2007. ISBN-10: 3885066211

Sabine Hake, German National Cinema (Nationial Cinemas). Routledge,
2001. ISBN-10: 0415089026