Germanic Languages | Middle High German
G640 | 25716 | H. Keller

Germanic Languages ,  Middle High German
G640 ,  25716 ,  Hildegard Elisabeth Keller
5:45-7:00 / MW
Topic: Hartmann von Aue: Gregorius

This introduction to Middle High German language, literature, and
culture will enable you to read and translate Middle High German
texts of the classical period and to use the most important
instruments for linguistic analysis of the texts.

This seminar offers you a space for close reading of a major text of
the period 1170-1220: Hartmann’s novel of Gregorius, „the good

The seminar aims to bring together graduate students who want to get
access to medieval language and literary culture and to deepen their
knowledge. Since we want to discover together the aesthetic and
interpretive “pleasure of the text”, each week will include practice
in reading the original texts loud out. Think of these recitations
as one of our experiments of an intense reception, even if (Middle
High) German is new land for you.

Reading list:
Please bring your own copy of the following book to class. Further
reading(research texts) will be at your disposition during the
•	Hartmann von Aue: Gregorius der gute Sünder.
Mittelhochdeutsch / Neuhochdeutsch. Mittelhochdeutscher Text nach
der Ausgabe von Friedrich Neumann, Übertragung von Burkhard
Kippenberg, Nachwort von Hugo Kuhn. Stuttgart 1993 (Universal-
Bibliothek 1787).

Participation, contributions, attendance:
Participation is the life-blood of any seminar. Commit yourself to
conversation, offer thoughtful comments on your readings and on your
classmate’s work and help each other to talk and to be heard.

You are expected to translate select passages of the texts each week
and to write a 3-4 page paper by the end of the seminar; you will be
assisted in finding an issue to explore critically in your paper.

Assignment breakdown:
Papers 50%; participation, translations, contributions in class 50 %
(this is an approximation).