Germanic Languages | Dutch Reading, Comp & Conv II
N404 | 7924 | Ham

Prerequisite:  N250/N403 or permission of the instructor

Besides focusing on the textbook, we will concentrate throughout the
second semester on three topics:

1 Short stories from the Netherlands and Belgium and one book;

2 Dutch television series and films;

3 Introduction to Dutch literature.

The skills focused on in the 4th semester are: perfection of speaking,
grammar and writing.  The films and television series will help your
listening comprehension of the native language spoken in a natural
environment.  Oral skills will be enhanced by active participation in
discussions and by presenting two main projects in class and smaller
ones throughout the semester. Quizzes, a midterm and a final, will
count towards the final grade.

Required texts:

* E.Ham et al., Help! 2 Helpt u mij even? Nederlands Centrum
Buitenlanders, Utrecht Edition 2001, ISBN 90 5517 131 X

* Kramers dictionary, Het Spectrum, 2005  English  Dutch  ISBN

* Kramers dictionary, Het Spectrum 2005 Dutch  English ISBN 906882273X

* De adelaars, Kader Abdolah, De Geus 2000, ISBN 90 5226 863 0

* reader