Gender Studies | Topics in the Study of Gender "Girls and Girlhood"
G104 | 25533 | Sinwell, S

Notions of girlhood are constantly under contestation, unstable and
problematic. Much of the discussion centralizing around youth
cultures, teenagers and adolescents depends upon how we might define
those categories. With terms such as teens and tweens, girls and
grrls, female adolescents and young women, it is quite difficult to
negotiate the meaning of the terms "girls" and "girlhood." Delving
into an understanding of girlhood that also takes into account
understandings of both childhood and adulthood, this course will
explore girlhood as a transitional and liminal space within our
cultural imaginary. Using film, literature, television, art,
cartoons, advertisements, music, etc., this course will explore the
ways in which girlhood has been constructed within contemporary
American popular culture.