Gender Studies | Topics in the Study of Gender "Feminist Media Studies"
G104 | 25534 | DeRose, M

This course will examine how mass media contributes to the ways we
each understand gender, sex, and other aspects of identity such as
race, sexuality and body image. The course will start from the
premise of gender as being separate from sex and as created and
reinforced by society. We will then use feminist media studies as a
lens for examining the role media plays not only in
reinforcing "traditional" ideas about gender, but also the role
media can (and often does) play in resisting those traditional ideas
and in creating alternative images and ideas. Students will be
introduced to some of the key works of feminist media analysis and
will be taught the skills of how to analyze and discuss various
media examples through feminist points of view. Some topics to be
discussed include the media's representation of bodies-both male and
female; the "performance" of masculinity and femininity; various
theories of how to "read" women's and men's roles in media-
especially "masculinized" women and "feminized" men; and the role
certain genres such as pornography, horror, action adventure,
science fiction, "chick flicks," and others play in reinforcing
and/or transgressing gender norms.