Gender Studies | Themes in the Study of Gender "Topic: Women, Feminism & History"
G205 | 14558 | Sword, K

How do the stories we tell about the past influence what we think
possible in the present? This course addresses this question, and
offers a broad introduction to women's history, by examining classic
works in Western feminism in light of contemporary historical
scholarship. From Christine de Pizan in the 14th century to Virginia
Woolf in the 20th, women writers have used history to question the
seemingly unchangeable differences between the sexes. Studying the
way these thinkers have wrestled with the past teaches important
lessons about the practice of history. This course aims not only to
expand your knowledge of the history of women and feminism, but also
to help you develop the analytical skills needed to understand
historical arguments more generally.  The class will combine lecture
and discussion formats. Readings will emphasize primary sources,
including materials that range from stories to letters to legal
briefs. There will be weekly exercises designed to help you analyze
these materials, develop skill in historical thinking, and foster
class discussion. There will also be a mid-term and a final. The
course website contains complete and up-
to-date details about the content and requirements of the course.