Gender Studies | Topics in Gender Studies "Topic: Gender, Sexuality and Race in Science Ficiton"
G302 | 11743 | DeRose, M

Science Fiction has a long history of providing social commentary on
issues surrounding gender, sexuality and race.  This course will use
works of Science Fiction from literature, film, and television to
examine issues of power, privilege, and oppression as well as
specific topics such as social construction of gender, racism,
environmentalism, homophobia, violence, and surveillance of women's
bodies.  Students will learn how Science Fiction, especially
Feminist Science Fiction, uses such narrative devices as alternate
histories, reversals, and visions of utopias / dystopias to critique
various aspects of culture and to give alternative ways of seeing
our world and what our future could be.  As Walter Mosely says, "The
power of science fiction is that it can tear down the walls and
windows, the artifice and laws by changing the logic, empowering the
disenfranchised, or simply by asking What if?"