Gender Studies | Seminar in Gender Studies "Topic: Gender & Therapies"
G402 | 12533 | Gremillion, H

Psychological ideas about personhood have become very influential,
extending well beyond the therapy room to inform everyday
perceptions of people's motivations, intentions, and meanings in
life.  Gender is a key element here.  How do we account for a
widespread belief that men are more individualistic than women?  Do
nuclear family ideals shape girls' and boys' gender identities and
sexualities in predictable ways?  When and how do therapists,
counselors, and their clients engage these questions?  What are the
perceived links in the therapy world between gender and categories
of race, ethnicity, age, class, sexuality, and cultural difference --
as well as professional "expertise"?  This course examines
intersections of gender and psychotherapy through a critical
assessment of various individual, family, and couples therapies.
Both implicit and explicit representations of gender are scrutinized
when course participants analyze therapies' potential to reinforce
or transform received concepts of gender and gendered relations.
Psychological, historical, literary, sociological, anthropological,
and cultural studies perspectives are compared.