Gender Studies | Critical Issues in Gender Studies "Topic: Cold War Masculinities"
G498 | 14565 | Kinder, J

This class will use the backdrop of Cold War geopolitics to explore
the construction of masculinities in the second half of the
twentieth century.  It will also explore how masculinity served as
an important battleground upon which the Cold War was imagined and
contested.  In doing so, the class will examine a wide array of
discourses and cultural spaces where "Cold War masculinities" were
articulated, resisted, and made meaningful.  Such discourses and
spaces may include James Bond; film noir; Beat poetics; the boxing
(and body) of Muhammad Ali; the activism (and exile) of Paul
Robeson; U.S. and Soviet propaganda posters and films; American
ideologies of containment; the films of Stanley Kubrick and Alfred
Hitchcock; the Space Race; the "lavender scare"; the political
culture of "Camelot"; the art of H.C. Westermann; the "hard bodies"
of Ronald Reagan and John Rambo; the "hidden" bodies of Nelson
Mandela and other political prisoners; Vietnam War photography;
political revolutions in Cuba, China, Vietnam, Algeria, and Eastern