Spanish and Portuguese | Modern Catalan Literature
C550 | 25138 | J. Sobrer

Professor Josep Sobrer

C550	Modern Catalan Literature

MW 10:10am – 11:00am/section# 25138/Location TBA

Taught in Catalan, this course will survey the panorama of Catalan
literature from the eighteen thirties to the present moment.
Readings will exemplify all important periods (Renaixença,
modernisme, noucentisme, avantguarda, postguerra, postmodernitat). A
course pack will be made available to the students. We will read
selections of the most significant authors and two novels ("La Plaça
del Diamant", by Mercè Rodoreda, and "La pell freda" by Albert
Sánchez Pinyol) in their entirety. Some grammar review will be
introduced as needed.

There will be two partial exams and a final. Graduate students will
present a term paper at semester's end.

This course meets jointly with C450.