Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Luso-Brazilian Culture
P290 | 25139 | Vania Castro

HISP-P 290  Topics in Luso-Brazilian Culture
Variable Topic:  Brazil beyond paradise  (An introduction to
Brazilian culture and society.)

This course is taught in English. In this course students will be
exposed to different aspects of contemporary Brazilian culture and
society.  Students will read and be engaged in discussions about a
broad range of topics drawn from fictional and non-fictional
readings, films, music, and popular culture.  This course carries
Arts and Humanities and Culture Studies credit.

HISP-P 290  #25139    9:30A-10:45P   TR     FQ 012B   Vania Castro
This class meets jointly with GLLC-G 210.

Note: Since this class is taught in English it can not count toward
the B.A. in Portuguese and may only count for the minor if
permission is given by the department.