Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 8107 | Professor Patrick Dove

HISP-S 331: The Hispanic World I  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:   S310 or S311 or equivalent

Credit given for only two of the following:  S331, S332, S333

This course provides an introduction to textual analysis in Spanish
American literature. The primary goals of the course include
learning to interpret narrative strategies, to identify literary and
rhetorical devices, and to ask questions about why authors write the
way they do. Readings include poetry, short stories, a dramatic
work, and a short novel. Many Spanish American authors see
literature as an exploration of its own medium—that is, of language
as it shapes our perception of reality, gives life to our relations
with others, and potentially transforms the world in which we live.
We will also devote significant attention to the historical contexts
these writers are reflecting on. Readings will include works by
Vallejo, Neruda, Mistral, Paz, Quiroga, Bombal, Storni, Borges,
Rulfo, Donoso, Usigli, García Márquez, Cortázar and Donoso.

HISP-S 331  #8107  1:25P-2:15P MWF Room=TBA  Prof. Patrick Dove
Note:  Above section meets with HISP-S 331 Honors class, #8108 and
is geared toward Honors students.