Spanish and Portuguese | Survey of Spanish Literature 2
S408 | 25165 | Professor Olga Impey

HISP-S 408 Survey of Spanish Literature 2 (3 credits)   LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent

This course will explore the changing representations of love in the
Spanish literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Text
analysis and class discussions will cover the following aspects:
1. The imprint of socio-historical contexts on different
manifestations of love;
2. The impact that love has on the psyche, body and behavior of the
individual, on the family and society;
3. Gender roles in love relationships;
4. Literary means (stylistic, rhetorical, genre oriented, etc.) used
to express erotic emotions.
5. The representation of love in the Spanish arts(paintings,
sculpture, film, etc.).

Readings will include Juan Zorrillas’ DON JUAN TENORIO, Ramón del
Valle Inclán's SONATAS,  Federico García Lorca’s LA CASA DE BERNARDA
ALBA, Javier Marías’ EL HOMBRE SENTIMENTAL, Miguel Delibes’ CARTAS
DE AMOR DE UN SEXAGENARIO VOLUPTUOSO and a selection of poetry and
short stories by Bécquer and Machado, by Valera, Unamuno, etc.

The course will be taught in Spanish. The final grade will be based
on active participation in class discussions, on two exams, and a
research paper.

HISP-S 408  #25165  5:30P-6:45P TR   Room=TBA  Professor Olga Impey