Spanish and Portuguese | Modern Spanish-American Prose Fiction
S420 | 25166 | Professor Patrick Dove

HISP-S 420  Modern Spanish-American Prose Fiction  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent

This course provides an overview of the history of prose narrative
in Spanish America from the late 19th century through the present.
We will examine this history of just over one hundred years in terms
of the competing ideas of rupture and continuity: to what extent are
literary movements, periods or generations (realismo, costumbrismo,
la nueva narrativa, el Boom) defined by innovation and newness, and
to what extent are they in fact continuations or revitalizations of
the tradition? Our discussions will begin with the idea that
literature is a “space” in which writers and readers explore
language: how it works to create meaning in the world, how it gives
vitality to our personal lives and relations with others, and how it
might also transform the world in which we live. At the same time,
we will discuss how narrative innovation can be understood in the
context of the social, political and economic circumstances in which
writers work. Primary readings will include novels and short stories
by Cambaceres, Guiraldes, Borges, Cortázar, Peri Rossi, Valenzuela,
Donoso, Restrepo and Bolaño.

HISP-S 420  #25166 11:15A-12:05P MWF Room=TBA  Professor Patrick Dove