Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Phonetics
S425 | 8119 | Professor Manuel Díaz-Campos

HISP-S 425  Spanish Phonetics  (3 credits)         LINGUSTICS
Prerequisite:  S310 or equivalent for those students who
matriculated prior to Summer 2003.
S326 for those students who matriculated Summer 2003
or after.

This course is an undergraduate-level introduction to Spanish
phonetics and phonology. The main goal of this class is to
understand the sound pattern of Spanish as well as to apply this new
knowledge to the practice of pronunciation. Basic notions such as
the difference between phonetics and phonology, the concepts of
phoneme and allophones will be discussed in class while presenting a
detailed description of segmental phenomena. Furthermore, we will
analyze patterns of intonation and become familiar with notions such
as pitch accent and boundary tones. Practice will be crucial
throughout the semester. Students will be required to work with a
native speaker consultant, to record their own speech, and to
complete simple phonetic analysis of read aloud and conversational
data. The final grade will be based on oral exams, quizzes, written
exams, experimental projects, and active participation in class.

HISP-S 425  #8119  4:00P-5:15P  TR  Room=TBA
Prof. Manuel Díaz-Campos