Spanish and Portuguese | Readings for Honors
S498 | 8121 | Professor Emily Maguire

HISP-S 498 Readings for Honors (3 credits)          ELECTIVE
Prerequisite: S312 and S332 or consent of the instructor

This course is for majors who are doing Honors in Spanish.  This
HISP-S 498, #8121 meets with HISP-S 423 The Craft of Translation. If
you are leaning toward translation for your background on your
honors thesis, you may want to consider taking this HISP-S 498

HISP-S 498 #8121 1:25P-2:15P  MWF  Room=TBA  Professor Emily Maguire

Contact Karla Allgood in BH 844 for permission or e-mail

Description for HISP-S 423 follows:

HISP-S 423 The Craft of Translation  (3 credits)       ELECTIVE
Prerequisite: S312 and S332 or consent of the instructor

This course introduces students to the practice of literary
translation, both from English into Spanish and from Spanish into
English.  As we translate texts from different historical periods
and cultural contexts, we will think not only about vocabulary and
dictionary use, but also about syntax – sentence construction –,
idiom, register, style, and the “law of compensation.”  In the first
two-thirds of the course, we will explore these issues as we work on
a series of short translations.  In the last third of the semester,
we will consider some more theoretical texts while each student
works on a longer project of their choice that will become the final

This is a studio course.  Students will work largely on their own,
using class discussions and the professor as resources.  The final
grade will be determined on the basis of class participation, the
short translation exercises of the first part of the semester, and
the final project, a literary translation of publishable quality.
There will be no exams to take or theory to memorize; your practice
is what counts.