Spanish and Portuguese | 19th & 20th Century Spanish American Literature
S568 | 25173 | A. Mejías-López

Professor Alejandro Mejías-López

S568	19th- & 20th-Century Spanish American Literature

TR 9:30am – 10:45am/section# 25173/3cr/Location TBA

This course covers the literary production in Spanish America during
the constitution of the new republics, from Independence to the
first decades of the 20th century.  We will study some of the most
canonical texts of the period within their historical, social, and
ideological context.  Special attention will be paid to current
theoretical and critical approaches and research areas in 19th-
century Latin American literary and cultural studies.  Topics will
include:  aesthetic trends and literary canon creation; relationship
between literature, nation-building, and state formation; issues of
class, race, gender, and sexuality; literature and modernity;
regional vs. global cultural production and consumption;
nationalism, pan-Latin Americanism, and imperialism.  Assignments
may include class presentations, exams, and a final paper.

Readings will include:

J.J. Fernández de Lizardi:  "Don Catrín de la Fachenda"
D.F. Sarmiento:  "Facundo"
J.  Hernández:  "Martín Fierro"
G. Gomez de Avellaneda:  "Sab"
J. Isaacs:  "María"
C. Matto de Turner:  "Aves sin nido"
E. Cambaceres:  "Sin rumbo"
J.E. Rodo:  "Ariel"
R. Gallegos:  "Doña Bárbara"