Spanish and Portuguese | Graduate Colloquium
S695 | 25177 | D. Cohn

Professor Deborah Cohn

S695	Graduate Colloquium
	Topic: Transitional and Hemispheric American Studies

W 1:00pm  3:30pm/section# 25177/3cr/Location TBA

In recent years, there has been a conscious effort to redefine
American Studies as transnational and encompassing the study of the
Americas writ large, rather than just the U.S. Thus many scholars
have argued that the history, culture, and social formations of the
United States must be studied within a hemispheric and/or
transnational context.  This course will explore the promise,
pitfalls, and tensions that arise from the intersection of
(traditionally U.S.-centered) American Studies and Latin American
Studies, as well as from the reconfiguration of the former
discipline from a transnational perspective.  Reading works from a
number of different disciplines, we will look at issues such as
imperialism, race and ethnicity, diaspora, border studies, and
nationalism.  We will ask what effects a hemispheric/transnational
frame has on the development of perspectives or the constitution of
objects of study.  We will also explore the institutional histories
of area studies disciplines and relate them to contemporary
political relations and academic trends. There will be weekly
readings, the presentation and submission of a mock conference
paper, an annotated syllabus, and other assignments.

This course meets jointly with AMST G604.