Spanish and Portuguese | Seminar in Hispanic Studies
S708 | 25179 | M. Bieder

Professor Maryellen Bieder

S708	Seminar in Hispanic Studies

Topic: Modern Spanish Society: The Emergence of Modernity in Spanish
Narrative at the end of the 19th century.

TR 4:00pm – 5:15pm/section# 25179/3cr/Location TBA

This seminar will look at the visual representation of modernity in
late 19th-century Spanish fiction and in Spanish periodicals in the
IU Library collection and/or available on-line. Novels include
Galdós’s "La de Bringas", Alas’s "Doña Berta", and Pardo
Bazán’s "Dulce dueño" and "Insolación". Relevant criticism includes
the classic works of Bram Dijkstra and more recent studies by Noël
Valis, Lou Charnon-Deutsch, Maite Zubiaurre and Maryellen Bieder. We
will also draw on visual culture theory. To ground our definition of
modernity, we will read Pedro Salinas’s "Vísperas del gozo". There
will be a Course Pack of critical and theoretical readings. Written
and oral components of the seminar include reports on the nature and
availability of visual materials throughout the semester.
Identification and class presentation of a seminar paper topic on
graphic or narrative visual images by mid-semester. Seminar papers
due before the end of the semester with an oral summary of the paper
presented to the class during the last week of the semester.