History | The Holocaust in the Soviet Union
H640 | 11608 | Veidlinger

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Above class open to graduates only

About two million Jews—one third of the Jewish victims of the
Holocaust—had been living in the Soviet Union in 1940.  Yet the role
of the Holocaust in what the Soviet Union termed “The Great
Patriotic War” has only recently emerged as a major topic of
historical study.  This graduate colloquium will examine some of the
major issues surrounding those aspects of the Nazi genocide of the
Jews that took place on Soviet territory.  In addition to the
history of the genocide itself including its regional variations, we
will examine some of the conditions in the prewar Soviet Union that
allowed for violence on this scale to take place, including
comparisons between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and postwar
Soviet memory of the Holocaust, including its representation in
literary, musical, film, and scholarly works, as well as in public
commemorations and memorials of the Great Patriotic War.